T H E   C H A I    P A N I   M E N U

We buy fresh produce daily from local purveyors and try to source from local farms when practical. We use all natural and sustainably raised chicken, and our meats and dairy are all natural, and antibiotic & hormone free. We cook in pure trans-fat free canola oil or ghee (clarified butter) and there's no artificial flavors or ingredients in anything – ever.

We import the highest quality specialty items from India, roast and grind our own spice blends, and we make all our chutneys and sauces in-house.

We are members of ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) and support and respect our local farmers.

This is the Asheville Menu!
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Tasty Bites (Chaat)  -  Brightly flavored, multi textured snacks (

Bhel Puri (v) $6
Tangy, crunchy, spicy – an Indian street food classic. Puffed rice, flour crisps, crunchy chickpea noodles, potatoes, cilantro & onions tossed with tamarind & green chutneys.

Dahi Sev Papdi (DSP) $6
Savory flour crisps (puris) topped with potatoes, onions, cilantro & crunchy chickpea noodles, drizzled with sweet yogurt, tamarind & green chutneys. Finger lickin' good.

Green Mango Chaat (v/g) $7 
Fresh green mango, peanuts, golden raisins, corn poha (Indian corn flakes), lime juice, green chutney, fried curry leaves.

Samosa (v) $3.25
A savory, flaky pastry stuffed with spicy cumin scented potatoes. Dressed with tamarind & green chutneys.

Samosa Chaat $8
Samosas (2) served on spicy garbanzo bean stew topped with sweet yogurt, tamarind & green chutneys.

Bombay Chili Cheese Fries (g) $7
Spiced Indian lamb hash piled high on our masala fries, topped with paneer, onion & cilantro. Drizzled with our special hot stuff & served with tomato chutney. Yeah, it's awesome.

Chicken Pakoras (g) $7
Ashley Farms chicken seasoned with kashmiri spices in a curried chickpea batter. Served with green chutney & sweet yogurt.

Kale Pakoras (g) $7
Indian style savory kale fritters made with curried chickpea batter. Served with green chutney & sweet yogurt.

Masala Fries (v/g) $1.75
Hand cut shoestring potato fries flecked with cilantro tossed with seasoning & salt. Served with tomato chutney.

Matchstick Okra Fries (seasonal) (g/v) $6.5
Julienned “okra fries” tossed with lime, salt & seasoning. Okra like you've never had it - one of our signature dishes. 

Parsi Chicken Burgers $9
Ashley Farms ground chicken seasoned with cumin, ginger, chilies, mint & cilantro, seared to perfection on the griddle. Topped with chutneys and served on two toasted buns. 

Sloppy Jai (Kheema Pav) $8.5
Spicy lamb hash cooked with tomatoes, potatoes and aromatic spices. Garnished with onions & cilantro, sweet yogurt and served on a toasted bun. The most awesome Sloppy Joe ever. 

Vada Pav $7
Spicy potato dumplings fried in curried chickpea batter topped with green & tamarind chutneys. Served on a toasted bun. This is serious street food.

Kathi Kabab Roll $8
Chicken seared with tandoori spices in a griddled wrap (brushed w/ egg) with onions, cilantro, rice, roasted lentils & chutneys.

Tandoori Fish Wrap $8.5
Tilapia seared with tandoori spices in a griddled wrap (brushed w/ egg) with onions, cilantro, rice, roasted lentils & chutneys.

UTTAPAM  -  Savory Crepes made with rice & lentil flour with a variety of toppings. Served with Sambar (a vegetable stew made with lentils & tamarind) and chutney.

Masala Potato (g/v) $9
Topped with a savory potato hash, masala & chutneys.

Paneer (farmer's cheese) (g) $9.5
Topped with home-made paneer, masala & chutneys.

Traditional  -  Everyday meals typically served in an Indian home

Thalis - a traditional meal featuring a daily selection of 
regional dishes that highlight India's culinary diversity. 

Lunch: Served with fragrant basmati rice, daal, raita, roti, kachumber, papadum.
Dinner: Served with fragrant basmati rice, daal, sabji, raita, roti, kachumber, papadum & dessert.

The Vegetarian Thali - Daily Price
Pick 1 of our vegetarian specials.

The Non-Vegetarian Thali - Daily Price
Pick 1 of our non-vegetarian specials.       



Corn Bhel (seasonal) (v) $7
Fresh roasted corn, cucumber, cilantro, tomato, onions and flour crisps (puris) tossed with cilantro-cumin-lime dressing. 

Grilled Paneer Salad (g) $9.5

Organic spring mix with pickled beets, red onions, cucumber & tomatoes topped with grilled house made paneer (Indian farmer's cheese). Served with cumin-lime dressing.

Tandoori Chicken Salad (g) $9.5
Organic spring mix with pickled beets, red onions, cucumber & tomatoes topped with grilled tandoori chicken. 
Served with cumin-lime dressing.

Side Salad (g) $4
Organic spring mix with pickled beets, red onions, cucumber & tomatoes. 
Served with cumin-lime dressing.

For the little people (Chotta Lok)

Kids Fries $2
Kids Rice & Daal with roti & sweet yogurt $5
Kids Corn Bowl of roasted corn niblets w/ ghee (seasonal) $4
Kids Cheese Paratha $3
Kids Cheese & Tomato Uttapam $5
All Natural Fried Chicken Tenders $4


Chai (Refills .50c) $2

Mango Lassi $3.75

Chilled yogurt drink with sweet mango pulp & cardamom

Lime Ricky $3
House made raspberry syrup, fresh lime juice & soda water

Nimbu Pani $3
Fresh squeezed lime, simple syrup, soda water & a dash of salt

Organic House Coffee (free refills) $2

Tazo Herbal Teas (hot) $2

Awake, Calm, Earl Grey, Refresh, Wild Sweet Orange, Zen

Iced Tea – Tazo Black (free refills) $2

Assorted Sodas (free refills) $2

Izze Sparkling Sodas $2.50

Clementine, Pomegranate, Blackberry

Indian Specialities ( Thums Up & Limca ) $3

Blue Moon Bottled Water $1.5

Kids Organic Juices $2

Specialty Cocktails

Original cocktail creations inspired by the tastes of India

Rickshaw Romeo $8
Sweet & spicy. Top quality transport to another world. 
Coconut lemongrass sake, fresh lime, simple syrup, kashmiri red chili, soda

Gin Ricky $8
Summertime in the subcontinent. Cricket anyone?
House made raspberry syrup, fresh lime, simple syrup, gin, soda

Nimbu Cooler $8
Just as refreshing as it's namesake but with a little something extra. Jolly good old chap!
Fresh lime, simple syrup, sauvignon blanc, soda

Mumbai Monsoon $8
As refreshing as a seasonal deluge. Get sloshed.
Tamarind, fresh lime, muddled mint, simple syrup, ozeki dry sake, soda

Local Beers on tap & thoughtful wines by the glass and bottle.